Ceramic Coating the Porsche Cayenne

Black paintwork is difficult to maintain whatever the circumstances. This daily used Cayenne required an extensive paint correction and finishing with 2 layers of ceramic coat.

Check out the before and after photos. It’s safe to say that we can let the pictures do most of the talking…

Want to know more about ceramic coatings or to schedule a booking get in touch with our technical team.

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911UK Cars & Coffee At Precision Porsche

911UK Cars & Coffee on Saturday 29th April hosted by our expert team at Precision.

On the day, members experienced Precisions state of the art service facility whilst enjoying a coffee with fellow enthusiasts and the Precision team. Using the latest Porsche PIWIS testers, Precisions Porsche trained technicians were able to provide one-to-ones and diagnose any fault codes/errors detected and understand the car's recorded data including Rev Range activity. 

In support of forum member “deMort”, members were able to help his daughter raise money and enable her to visit Zambia and Botswana as a volunteer at a local school in Mkushi. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/zambiaexpedition 

911UK moderators were also present at Precision, with 911UK stickers, event passes and lanyards.

Many thanks to the following members that attended:

1. 911uk

2. T8

3. Maldren

4. G2

5. Panozgtr

6. SaintsPaul

7. SGH 

8. Phil 997

9. DucatiRob

10. Beef40

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Precision Porsche Would Like To Welcome Our New Head Detailer - Martin Pennington

Martin Pennington has recently joined us after spending the past 20 years detailing a wide array of vehicles. His extensive background includes: Head Detailer for McLaren Automotive, Previous winner of Rolls-Royce and Mercedes Benz National Concours, working on Ayrton Senna’s JPS Lotus-Renault 97T and 6 magazine featured vehicles.

Martin’s vast knowledge has been put to work on this 1984 911 Turbo. Below is the multistage process carried out to bring the vehicle back to showroom condition.

  1. Deep cleanse to the exterior bodywork.

  2. Door shuts, rubbers and windows cleaned with all purpose cleaner (APC).

  3. Bodywork decontaminated using Clay Bar, Tar Remover and Iron Remover.

  4. Vehicle air dried.

  5. All exterior rubbers masked for protection prior to machine polishing.

  6. Paintwork visually assessed.

  7. Stage 1 - Heavy cut machine polish.

  8. Stage 2 - Paintwork refined.

  9. Ceramic Primer applied.

  10. 1st layer of Super Hydrophobic Ceramic Coating (Britemax) applied to bodywork and wheels.

  11. 2nd coating applied.

  12. Ceramic coating applied to all exterior plastics.

  13. Glass polished and sealed with Hydrophobic coating.

  14. Vehicle interior detailed including leather treatment.

  15. All coatings left to cure (24 hours).

  16. Final protective layer of Britemax Sealant.

This process will protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions, chemicals and UV rays whilst repelling water, dirt and other contaminants, such as acidic bird droppings. Most importantly it will be easier to clean and maintain.

For more information on Ceramic Coatings and how we can protect your vehicle Click Here.

964 Engine Rebuild


Here we have Darren, one of our Porsche technicians, mating the 964 engine and gearbox together before being reinstalled.


  • Remove engine and gearbox.

  • Mount into dedicated engine rebuild facility to strip and visually inspect the damaged parts.

  • Disassemble engine down to bare casings in order to clean, weigh and measure precisely all components.

  • Reassemble using new parts including: Pistons, Cylinders, Connecting rods and bearings, Camshafts, Bearing shells, Through bolts, Chain guides, Timing chain tensioner, Gaskets and relevant seals.

  • Reinstall engine and gearbox back into the car.

  • Extensive fine tuning and road testing is carried out before customer handover.

Interested to know more about our capabilities? Click here or contact us to speak with an advisor.

With us, your Porsche is in safe hands.

Official PXN acceptance from Porsche AG


We’re proud to announce that Porsche AG  has accepted Precision Porsche LTD as an official PXN (Porsche External Network) user.  This gives us access via Porsche Germany to all the latest Porsche technical information, daily software and programming updates required to work on the very latest generation of Porsche models.

Is your Porsche under Warranty or a Lease plan Agreement?

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It's Turbo Tuesday at Precision Porsche!


There's usually a couple of Turbo Porsches of some description in the workshop but 6 at one go is unusual!

The 991 Turbo S is in for a detail and Ceramic Coating, the 997 Turbo S is in for a general check over and preparation prior to sale, the silver 996 Turbo S Cabriolet is in for a full Service and MOT, the green 993 RUF Turbo is in for Service and some Detailing, the yellow 964 Racecar is in for corner weights, a geo setup and other track required mods, whilst the white 930 Impact Bumper Turbo gets a major service, minor body repairs and its fuel system sorted.

At Precision Porsche we love Porsches and we love Turbos. Check out our Fixed price Servicing Menu HERE and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Cars & Coffee 2018 - a date for your diary!

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 12.15.45.jpg

Cars & Coffee 2017 was such a success, we’re doing it again this year!

So please join us for our first Cars & Coffee meet of the year, on Saturday 7th of April at Precision Porsche.

We guarantee lots of lovely Porsche's to feast your eyes on, like-minded Porsche owners to chat to and a chance to meet all of the Precision Team. And hopefully the sun will be shining!

Coffee and refreshments will also be provided, so please drop us an email letting us know if you'd like to attend, so that we have an idea of numbers.

We'll also be offering a limited number of Free Health Checks on the day, WHICH MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE. 

Please call 01825 721205 to secure your slot.

Cars and Coffee, Saturday 7th of April from 9.00am - 1.00pm here at Precision Porsche.

We hope to see you then!

Porsche axes all diesel cars from its range

Porsche has confirmed it has axed all diesel engine options from its range with immediate effect. They said the decision was made due to a 'cultural shift' by the brand's customers which means that 'demand for diesel models is falling'. Porsche customers will no longer have the option of a new diesel-powered Macan, Panamera or Cayenne as Porsche switches full attention to petrol and hybrid models.

And fanning the flames of a complete move away from the 'devil' fuel, Porsche confirmed in a statement that the Macan S Diesel had been 'taken out of the production programme' too, meaning it will only sell petrol-powered 4x4s for the foreseeable future.

No matter. If you own a diesel variant, bring it to Precision Porsche for all its servicing and maintenance and take advantage of our Fixed price Servicing, available on all Porsche models.

Next Porsche GT3 to be turbocharged with 8-spd PDK

A new report claims the next-generation  GT3 will forego its naturally-aspirated flat-6 engine in favor of a new turbocharged flat-6 unit. They also said an 8-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission will handle shifting duties. Although forced induction may leave some loyalists feeling soured, power will supposedly climb to 550 horsepower, up from the current 911 GT3's 500 hp. The current car employs a 4.0-liter flat-6 engine.

Porsche will perform a balancing act with the addition of a turbocharger system, which means added weight to the car. The report said the next 911 GT3 will rely more on high-strength materials to offset any weight gains. Active aerodynamic systems will likely be present, too.

Ahead of the next 911, which should debut in late 2018, Porsche will reveal the 2018 911 GT3 RS at the Geneva motor show. Images of the new car already leaked and show more aggressive front fascia and other exterior tweaks. We'll also likely see a 20hp increase to 520 hp total. 

Whether you have a turbo-d GT3 or naturally aspirated version, here at Precision we offer fixed price servicing on all models, using only genuine OEM parts, ensuring your Porsche warranty remains intact. At more preferable rates than a main dealer.

See you soon.

Brake squeal is nothing to worry about, assures Porsche.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 10.17.00.jpg

The high-pitched noise sometimes emitted from brake pads and rotors that causes stress, and sometimes embarrassment is a completely normal occurrence, say Porsche.

In an overly informative video explaining what brake squeal is, and why it happens, owners should rest easy knowing the noise occurs when energy and heat convert to vibrations. The brake rotor then acts as a "speaker" and amplifies the vibrations to create the squeal. In Porsche cars specifically, the large brake pads can create more squeal at low speeds due to pad pressure distribution. But, if an owner is concerned, a Precision Porsche technician can confirm the noise is nothing more than the parts operating in a normal fashion.

So don't worry too much about the brake squeal. Instead, just enjoy the car no matter what obscure sounds it may make. Besides, a Porsche powertrain and its associated soundtrack should more than make up for occasional brake squeal.

Fixed Price servicing on all Porsche GT models

At Precision Porsche we offer Fixed Price Servicing on all Porsche models including the GT's and because we only use genuine Porsche parts your warranty always remains intact. Using the very latest Porsche diagnostic equipment we offer more favourable rates than a main dealer.

GT 911s are rare. Only one of them was built in limited-series numbers, for example. They’re also not as fragile as you may think – the 996 and 997-era cars didn’t even suffer from the oil leak issues that famously let down other variants. The ‘Mezger’ engine is hugely strong – and although it was replaced in the 991-series car, and the first ones of these subsequently blew themselves up, they should all have been substituted by now with perfectly solid motors.