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Ceramic Coatings for your Porsche


In the world of protective products, there are several different types.

Many detailers will be familiar with wax, some also with sealants but not everyone will have heard of a coating. These coatings are special products that offer extreme durability and protection, but with a cost; much less easy to apply. The technology behind these products is also very different to sealants or wax. There are coatings for paintwork, glass, rubber and plastic. These product are also referred to as SiO2 coatings or as Ceramic coatings.

A ceramic coating needs a certain amount of preparation. So the surface needs to be polished properly before it is applied. This means that there are no swirls or surface defects left that a wax can hide. A ceramic coating also adds a very nice layer of hard gloss, so there is no reason to want the microscopic bit that wax could perhaps add. Lastly; a ceramic coating lasts easily for a year, the best wax needs to be replaced within 3 months.

In the video demonstration above, we applied half of the Porsche Boxster's bonnet with a premium quality Carnuba Wax and the other half with one of our Ceramic Coatings. After six months of everyday use with regular washing and no additional products applied, the results were clear to see; the left side of the bonnet where the wax was applied showed very little signs of beading (which is a bad thing), whereas the side treated with a ceramic coating clearly shows the water literally falling off the bonnet (which is a good thing).

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