It's Turbo Tuesday at Precision Porsche!


There's usually a couple of Turbo Porsches of some description in the workshop but 6 at one go is unusual!

The 991 Turbo S is in for a detail and Ceramic Coating, the 997 Turbo S is in for a general check over and preparation prior to sale, the silver 996 Turbo S Cabriolet is in for a full Service and MOT, the green 993 RUF Turbo is in for Service and some Detailing, the yellow 964 Racecar is in for corner weights, a geo setup and other track required mods, whilst the white 930 Impact Bumper Turbo gets a major service, minor body repairs and its fuel system sorted.

At Precision Porsche we love Porsches and we love Turbos. Check out our Fixed price Servicing Menu HERE and we look forward to seeing you soon.