Brake squeal is nothing to worry about, assures Porsche.

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The high-pitched noise sometimes emitted from brake pads and rotors that causes stress, and sometimes embarrassment is a completely normal occurrence, say Porsche.

In an overly informative video explaining what brake squeal is, and why it happens, owners should rest easy knowing the noise occurs when energy and heat convert to vibrations. The brake rotor then acts as a "speaker" and amplifies the vibrations to create the squeal. In Porsche cars specifically, the large brake pads can create more squeal at low speeds due to pad pressure distribution. But, if an owner is concerned, a Precision Porsche technician can confirm the noise is nothing more than the parts operating in a normal fashion.

So don't worry too much about the brake squeal. Instead, just enjoy the car no matter what obscure sounds it may make. Besides, a Porsche powertrain and its associated soundtrack should more than make up for occasional brake squeal.