Ahoy! Push the boat out with a new $16m Porsche Superyacht.

Porsche’s performance cars rule the streets, and now the brand is taking over the high seas.

Porsche is best known for its high-performance road cars, but it's more well-rounded than you may think. Studio F.A. Porsche (formerly known as Porsche Design Studio), crafts everything from business suits, to laptops, and even kitchen knives, but Studio F.A. Porsche has just debuted what may be its flagship — a big boat. Buyers can choose from a variety of color combinations to customize the interior look. The result is something Porsche’s designers call a “Grand Tourismo for the seas,”  The GTT 115 Superyacht will be displayed at the Monaco Boat Show next week. For all your Porsche Servicing - (excluding the GT 115) visit our Fixed Price Servicing Menu  and we hope to see you cruising down soon to Precision.