Singer Williams Porsche 964 911 Lightweight - now with 500 bhp

Porsche restoration/modification/reimagination specialist Singer officially dropped details on its most drool-worthy 911 project to date: a lightweight 964-era 911 with a 500-horsepower 4.0-liter flat-6 engine. The formula is simple: subtract weight and add power; the results are incredible. We like it, and they've almost managed to finish it in our company colours of Acid Green. The engine retains many original qualities despite the power increase to 500 hp. It's a classic Porsche four-valve-per-cylinder head design, it's naturally aspirated, and, yes, it's air-cooled. It will also scream to redline over 9,000 rpm redline. 

Singer will build 75 examples of this car, though Williams will handle production at its Oxfordshire, England, campus. Price? The company doesn't mention, but it's worth putting on the Christmas List. If you're lucky, bring it to Precision Porsche for the best in Fixed Price Servicing on all Porsche models.